Training.Love it or hate it, it’s a necessity. As a Law Enforcement Officer, you KNOW this.We begin our careers with LOTS of it. Down the road however, “training” tends to fall on the ladder of priorities. After all- you’re busy. Staffing is a challenge. And the budget…well, cutting and slicing always seems the requirement of…

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Never Give In

As a leader in law enforcement, have you ever thought about how you got here?When we consider characteristics of true leaders throughout history, such as the tenacity of Churchill during WWII, it can easily become an exercise in wonder. If you’re familiar with the stories, there were many times when most anyone would ask, “How…

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We Are Not Broken: The ‘Battle from Within’

As a Law Enforcement Leader, you are experiencing the most difficult and dangerous time in our country’s policing history. In addition to simply enforcing the law, current times command that you also deal with a seemingly endless barrage of issues involving community trust, use of force, and defensible posturing. Perhaps even more acute, is the…

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